Genomineerde bni-prijs 2013: Hanna Lee


“I have studied at the Technical University in Korea. I have done three architecture courses there. Then I switched to art school Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. My three years of Amsterdam art school have been extremely interesting and challenging. I have learned about the relationships between space, human being, experience and environment. It is fascinating to experience and learn about materials, movements, communication and concepts.”

“We don’t judge nature perfect or imperfect. We accept nature, the way it is. The concept of perfection and imperfection becomes an issue when it relates to an artificial product. People who make something, seek perfection. But why they don’t look at nature while doing so?

The perfection of nature
‘A scenic contemplation’ is an ‘imperfection’ which let people reconsider the perfection of nature. A window helps them to draw the outdoor environment inside. It’s neither totally inside nor totally outside. A window allows them to draw inside scenery, light, air, wind, etc.
A window is a frame that can hold scenery. There is a Korean philosophy about windows, called the ‘borrowed scenery’. The borrowed scenery method reflects the exterior landscape into the inner spaces, forming new scenery. This method does not destroy environment; it just borrows the environment. The environment becomes a breathing landscape painting. I was impressed by this philosophy, especially by the attitude and the way environment is treated; a humble way to live with the environment.

Framing the surrounding
A window changes the space into an aesthetic imagination by framing the surrounding view. I think it’s not only about seeing or perspective; it’s also about the attitude of interacting with the outside from the inside. And it’s about appreciation. A window is a good medium to help us appreciate the surrounding. By framing the outdoor environment becomes part of the architecture.”