Genomineerde bni-prijs 2013: Changlin Liu


“My name is Changlin Liu, I am 26 years old and I come from China. I studied interior architecture at Academie Minerva in Groningen. I feel honored to be nominated for the BNI award 2013. BNI offers me a platform to broaden my views and to communicate with other young designers. I am very glad to get the opportunity to express my design concept to everyone. I love interior architecture. It’s an important part of my life. I am eager to create interiors with my imaginations. Interior design is strongly connected with human’s feeling. It positively affects our daily life,and it can synthesize a variety of elements to create a unique ambience. Interior design is about shape, color, material, lighting, view, sound and many other qualities. The most interesting and attractive part for me is to play with those qualities to create a fantastic interior which is unique and practical for the users. I’ve decided to go back to China. My ambition is to contribute to the development of the Chinese design industry and to combine interior design with the traditional Chinese culture. My dream is to have my own design studio in five years. The next five years I want to spend three years to work and two year to study for a master degree. I have already found a job as an interior designer in a French architecture firm in Shanghai. I look forward to my career.”

“For my graduation I designed a student house for Minerva students based on their uniqueness. Minerva students learn how to express themselves in a visual manner. They have the abilities and willingness to express their inspirations and ideas. Different from other students, Minerva students learn to give a personal signature to their work. The Minerva Student House I’ve designed, is a window to the world to show the qualities and ambitions of the Minerva students."

In the heart of the city
I came up with the idea of a student house because I heard a lot of students complain: they cannot meet and talk with the teachers very often; the Minerva buildings have a strict opening time; and non-school time is much longer than school time. So I asked myself how to utilize the non-school time to get more out of the study? The location I chose, Brugstraat 32, is in the center of Groningen. A good place to connect the students and the city. The programs I introduced are divided in four parts: private space for individuals to live, collective space to work and study together and public space for exhibitions and meetings. A new staircase created in the northern and western facades of the building plays an important role in the movement of students and visitors through the building.

Artistic ambiance
The traditional student house doesn’t satisfy the needs of Minerva students. Because they are artists an artistic ambiance is necessary in their daily life. What they need is something similar to artists communities. The Minerva Student House can be a nice place to gather the students who are willing to work at home instead of school. Gradually the student house becomes a second study space besides Minerva. Minerva buildings are no longer the only way to meet other artists. In the student house students can share their opinions and ideas about study, hobbies, entertainments or anything else. In addition, the student house functions as a stage for the students so the entire city of Groningen learns about their work.”